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About Us

Supercell storm approaching Tamarama Beach

The situation

Sitting through another mindless meeting at work, I found myself drifting off and thinking about how I'd much rather be down at my local beach instead of where I was. Looking around the room, I felt like an outsider amongst my colleagues. Sure, I'd worked with these same people for many years and we were all close friends, yet I knew that I didn't belong there anymore. I couldn't match the enthusiasm they had for their jobs and regardless of whether it was genuine or they were just good actors, a sudden and intense sensation of dread came over me - unless I made some kind of dramatic career change, invented something, or somehow won the lotto, it seemed I was destined to be sitting in such meetings for the rest of my life.

The only plausible way out of this mess (as far as I could see it) was to focus on the things that I enjoyed doing and to see if it was somehow possible to make a living from them. Someone somewhere must have heard my call and, as is often the case in life, the very next week my wish was granted in the form of a redundancy.

"Wow that was quick" I thought, as I started to pack my desk up. "If only I'd wished harder for that lotto win...".

Looking down at the scribbles I'd made during the meeting, it seemed I was slowly beginning to formulate an idea. All I needed now was some serious motivation, a few new bits of camera gear and to reignite the passion I once had for seeking out new beaches and experiences.

There are only so many opportunities you get in life to follow your dreams - being mid thirties and having no real commitments (apart from my loving girlfriend), I knew that this was my one chance to take a risk and give it a proper shot...

Perfect wave at Sandon Point

The solution

I've always been passionate about surfing, writing and taking photos (the order of which changes from time to time) so it seemed logical to focus on these areas as a starting point. The beach has been a constant source of joy throughout my life and I was fortunate enough to grow up on some of Sydney's best beaches, as well as being able to access the south coast of NSW. 

Recalling the countless road trips and adventures my friends and I had taken over the years, seeking out uncrowded waves in remote and beautiful settings, it dawned on me just how much of Australia's coastline remains relatively hidden and under-appreciated. Not only that, but there are so many beaches in Australia that we are literally spoilt for choice. The Coastal Studies Unit at the University of Sydney has documented over 10,685 beaches in Australia along more than 35,000km of coastline. To put things into perspective, that's so many beaches that if you visited one a week, it would take you roughly 205 years to see them all.

Being creatures of habit the majority of us will only ever visit our local beaches, and that's if we're lucky enough to live near the coast. Sure, you might encounter the odd new beach on your travels over the years and develop an affinity with the place that will see you coming back for years to come. But why keep going back to a select few when there are so many on offer that we haven't visited yet?

Bondi Beach, Sydney NSW

Where every beach counts

My aim is to try and capture the essence of Australia's beaches through pictures and words, and to inspire people to seek out their own slice of Australian beach paradise. The tagline 'Where every beach counts" represents the individuality of Australia's coastline, and a need to tell the unique stories of each region.

What originally started out as a passion project while I was unemployed has morphed into a much larger and ever-changing beast, and what you see here is the end result of a labour of love.

I don't get paid to write about or take photos of the beaches I visit, I do it because I enjoy it. I love the research side of it also - spending countless hours reading up on a particular beach or region, finding out interesting facts and pieces of history, and then actually going there to experience it myself.

I don't take money from companies to endorse their products or services and only sell prints from this website to keep the dream alive and seek out new beaches to share with you. This site is for you as much as it is for me, and I hope you get as much out of it as I have by contributing to it.

Long Reef Point from Dee Why beach

Be inspired

There are so many beautiful beaches around the world, and luckily for us Australia is home to many of them - each one with its own set of unique characters and features. Australia is home to a myriad of vastly different coastline experiences;

Ferocious rocky bays and coves,
River mouths with many stories to tell,
Perfect reefs that unleash cavernous beasts,
Windswept dunescapes that run for eternity,
Shifting sandbanks that reflect our changing moods,
Limestone cliffs that slowly crumble with each passing swell,
Tropical and sub-tropical littoral rainforests that draw life from the sands,
Un-named long-forgotten rocky outcrops standing strong in the face of adversity,
Deepwater harbours that get the picture!

Photographer at sunrise at Mistral Point Maroubra

Let's work together

If you'd like to get involved and contribute to OZBEACHES I'd love to hear from you. You might have an intimate knowledge of a particular beach or coastal region, know some interesting facts or history you'd like to share, or maybe you'd like to write an article yourself and have it featured here online. Email me (Adam) and let me know how you think we could work together as I'm always looking for guest contributors and open to suggestions.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy the adventures along the way.