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Coconut Bowls

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"Our hand-crafted bowls of joy were designed by Mother Nature and vegan hipster gods who collaborated to create Apple-worthy design elements in the form of an eco-friendly vessel."

Don't be fooled by spiel and high prices, it's just a coconut... 

Why our coconut beach bowls?

They're bigger - our jumbo coconut bowls are 700-800ml+ on average. Being natural products, no two bowls are the same and the bowls you receive will differ slightly from the images above.

We're cheaper - we're proud to be one of the cheapest sources of jumbo coconut bowls in Australia. Try finding a coconut bowl under $14.95 from the more established retailers.

Choice of polished or natural look - if you prefer a more refined and sleeker look, our polished  bowls are for you, or if you like your items raw, rugged and robust,  choose one of our  natural  bowls.

Protected by hand -  once we receive the bowls, we apply a coat of organic coconut oil to their insides to help protect them from daily use and we also apply two coats of raw linseed oil to their outsides to aid in liquid retention (being natural products, the bowls are not completely watertight if left for longer periods). We then cure the bowls for a minimum of 30 days and then clean them to food safe standards.

We're fairer - we believe the people making the bowls from scratch deserve a fair price for their effort. It's a hard life for those involved in the production of these bowls - the farmers, who spend long days collecting the shells in sub-tropical heat, and the workers who sit tirelessly for hours to transform them into the stylish bowls you'll ultimately receive in the post. Add our coating stages in at the end of the process and you start to see that there's more to these bowls than just a coconut that's been cut in half.

Ethically sourced - the majority of our coconut products are sourced from a single not-for-profit organisation who's sole purpose for existence is to provide employment and economic support for their local community. The organisation charges the same price per unit whether they sell 1 or 1,000,000 units in order to ensure a fair income for their workers. We are extremely proud to be associated with this organisation.

Looking after your coconut bowl

Coconut bowls require very little maintenance, but there are a few things you can do to keep your bowl in top condition. Follow these basic steps and your coconut bowl should last longer than if it was still on the tree.

Don't drop it! - seems obvious, but these shells can crack relatively easily if dropped on a hard surface.

Wash with warm, soapy water only - don't try to wash it in a dishwasher as high temperatures may crack the bowls. Also, don't leave it to soak in water for very long as this will reduce the bowls longevity.

Too hot or too cold, not in the bowl! - these bowls are ideal for room temperature foods such as breakfast bowls, nuts, chips etc. Exposure to extreme temperatures may cause the bowls to crack so don't leave them in the fridge and only use with lukewarm foods. They're not microwave safe either.  

Polish with coconut oil every 10 uses - if your bowl is starting to lose its shine, it's time to give it some love! Simply rub some coconut oil on the inside of the bowl with a cloth or a brush and you'll start to see the changes immediately. If your bowl is starting to become porous, apply a couple of coats of raw linseed oil to the outside and let it cure for a few weeks.

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      We hope you enjoy your coconut bowls!

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