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Coolum Beach, a popular holiday spot immersed in natural beauty


Coolum Beach, a popular holiday spot immersed in natural beauty

Looking through the trees - Coolum Beach

Coolum Beach, located on the northern end of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland is a charming coastal town and a favourite among locals and tourists alike for its stunning beaches, laid-back atmosphere, and picturesque natural scenery.

Natural beauty

Coolum Beach is surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural scenery on the East coastline of Australia. The town is nestled between the ocean and the mountains, and as such, offers visitors a range of outdoor activities to enjoy. The nearby Mount Coolum National Park is a popular spot for hiking and offers stunning views of the ocean and hinterland. Visitors can also explore the nearby Yaroomba Conservation Park, which is home to a range of native wildlife and flora.

One of the most striking features of Coolum Beach is the impressive volcanic rock formation of Mount Coolum, which rises up from the sand and form a dramatic backdrop to the beach. These formations are the remnants of an ancient lava flow that occurred millions of years ago, and they add a unique and captivating element to the beach's natural beauty.

In addition to its natural wonders, Coolum Beach also boasts a range of amenities that make it an ideal destination for families and beach enthusiasts. The beach is patrolled by lifeguards, ensuring that swimmers can enjoy the water safely, and there are plenty of nearby cafes and restaurants where visitors can grab a bite to eat.

Souther corner of Coolum Beach Sunshine Coast QLDEarly mornings are the best - Coolum Beach


Coolum Beach is blessed with a stunning stretch of coastline that boasts pristine white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. The main beach is Coolum Beach itself, a wide and spacious stretch of sand that is patrolled by lifeguards year-round. The beach is known for its consistent swell, which attracts surfers from all over the world. There are also a number of surf schools in the area, offering lessons for beginners and advanced surfers alike.

Bright sunrise at Coolum Beach Sunshine Coast QLDLone surfer enjoying the lineup to himself, for now...

This beach is perfect for swimming, surfing, or just soaking up the sun. For those looking for something a bit more secluded, there are plenty of smaller beaches and coves dotted along the coastline that are perfect for a peaceful day by the ocean.

Shopping and Dining

Despite its small size, Coolum Beach offers visitors a range of shopping and dining options. The main street of Coolum Beach is lined with a variety of boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants, offering visitors plenty of options for a delicious meal or a spot of shopping. The town also hosts a regular market, where visitors can pick up fresh produce, locally-made crafts, and souvenirs. 

Coolum Beach Surf Life Saving Club, Sunshine Coast QLDCoolum Beach Surf Life Saving Club  

The Coolum Beach Surf Life Saving Club is a local favourite and the place to go if you want somewhere to sit back and gaze out over the ocean on a sunny afternoon. The food at their award winning bistro is amazing, and they have a variety of local drinks and live music to keep you entertained.

Southern corner of Coolum Beach Sunshine Coast QLDThe southern end of Coolum Beach


Coolum Beach is a family-friendly destination, with plenty of activities to keep kids of all ages entertained. The beach is safe for swimming and surfing, and there are several playgrounds and parks in the area for kids to enjoy. The town also hosts regular family-friendly events, such as outdoor movies, concerts, and markets.

Lone surfer at Coolum Beach Sunshine Coast QLDMilking it to the very end - surfer at Coolum Beach

Something else?

If you're looking to explore the area beyond the beach, Coolum has plenty to offer. The nearby Mount Coolum National Park is a popular hiking spot, with a challenging climb to the summit that rewards hikers with breathtaking views of the coastline. And if you're looking for a more relaxed way to enjoy the outdoors, there are a number of parks and walking trails in the area, including the picturesque Coolum Boardwalk. 

Beautiful sunrise at Coolum Beach Sunshine Coast QLDBeautiful sunrise starts the day at Coolum Beach

In conclusion, Coolum Beach is a charming coastal town that offers visitors a range of activities and attractions. Whether you're looking to relax on the beach, explore the nearby national parks, or indulge in some shopping and dining, Coolum Beach has something for everyone. So why not add it to your list of must-visit destinations and experience all that this beautiful town has to offer?

Getting to Coolum Beach

If driving on the M1 (Pacific Highway) simply follow the signs to Coolum Beach (around 1.5 hours north of Brisbane). If flying, the closest airport is the Sunshine Coast Airport located in Maroochydore (around half an hour drive south from Coolum). 

Map of Coolum Beach


Current weather at Coolum Beach


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