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Maroubra Beach, a hotbed of surfing activity and consistent waves


Maroubra beach Sydney NSW

Photographer at sunrise at Mistral Point

Where is Maroubra Beach?

Looking for a great place to experience year-round waves? Then look no further than Maroubra Beach. Located on the south side of Sydney’s eastern suburbs between Mistral Point in the north and Magic Point to the south, this 1km stretch of sand is easily the most consistent beach in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. 

Mistral Point, Maroubra NSW

Sunrise at Mistral Point (this print is available in our online print gallery)

Maroubra Beach SLSC tower
Maroubra Beach SLSC tower

Maroubra Beach SLSC

Maroubra is patrolled daily throughout the year by two main surf lifesaving clubs – Maroubra SLSC (which was established in 1907, making it one of Australia’s oldest), and South Maroubra SLSC (formed in 1963). Based on Surf Life Saving Australia data it’s one of Sydney's most hazardous beaches, with combined rescues from both clubs averaging 365 rescues each year - the highest number of rescues out of all NSW beaches.

Mahon Pool, northern end of Maroubra Beach
Solid wave breaking behind Mahon Pool

Be kind to the locals

Maroubra is an Aboriginal name which is believed to mean ‘like thunder’, possibly a reference to the pounding surf that can be found here (or perhaps the locals?). Due to its working class roots and a large local surfing scene, Maroubra is a rather localised beach and home to the infamous 'Bra Boys' who are protective of their waves. That being said it's still possible to get waves as long as you show the usual respect to locals and accept that you're not going to get every wave you want. The waves are quite powerful and the beach usually has strong rips, so make sure you know how to swim before venturing out – you don’t want to be a part of the statistics!

Maroubra Beach north point wave
Heavy wave breaking at the northern end

What are the waves like?

Maroubra is a predominately sand bottom beach with pockets of reef in the northern and southern corners.  Facing due east, it picks up all available swell regardless of the time of year – in winter big south swells march in which makes the reef at the southern end light up, and it is also semi-protected from the strong southerly winds. In summer NE swells trickle in and the northern corner is semi-protected by the prevailing NE winds, making it a popular place to go for a paddle when everywhere else is blown out. In my experience, the best time to surf the beach is medium to large E-NE swells with NW-SW winds. 

Large wave rolls into Maroubra Beach
Large wave peeling off Dunny Bowl

There are quality waves to be had up and down the beach, and locals have affectionately named each of these distinct breaks for obvious reasons – running from north to south you’ve got The Point, Dunnybowl (named courtesy of a drain pipe that protrudes from the beach), Stromies, Skatepark (there’s a huge skatepark that backs onto the beach), Southies and The Reef in the southern end. 

Maroubra Beach facing south
Looking south along Maroubra Beach

Australia’s first National Surfing Reserve

Maroubra became the country’s first National Surfing Reserve in 2006, forever cementing its position as one of the most important stretches of coastline to have an impact on surfing in Australia. When you consider the other more famous Australian surf breaks like Kirra, Bells and even Margaret River, this was no small feat. If you get a chance to visit the northern promenade, you will see a commemorative plaque and the surfers' walk of fame, which is a collection of bronze statues recognising local surfers, lifesavers, kayakers, Olympians and others who’ve made a huge impact on the local an international surfing scene.

Maroubra Beach access track at the southern end
Beach access trail at the southern end

Sounds fun, but I don't surf, bra...

Don’t worry, there’s still plenty for you to do! If you’re an exercise buff, there’s a free outdoor gym complete with weight machines, upright bike, step-ups, chest press, and a balance beam. If you’re into fishing you can go off the rocks at either end, or find a gutter along the beach and try your luck.

Large swell lines rolling into Maroubra BeachLarge swell lines rolling into Maroubra Beach

Diving at Maroubra Beach

If diving’s your thing there are a couple of shipwrecks off the southern end of the beach – the SS Tekapo and the TSS Belbowrie - that are popular locations for dive boats and freedivers. Off Magic Point in the south is a known Grey Nurse Shark habitat which draws lots of people each year. Being an endangered species, you should treat these creatures with extra special care and only go with experienced crews who know the area. In the north is the Jack Vanny Memorial Park, which gives sweeping views of the coast both north and south, and the main attraction here is Mahon Pool – a rockpool popular with locals and visitors alike - safe for the whole family and provides some solace from the strong winter southerly winds.

Heaving wave goes unridden at Maroubra Beach

Heaving barrel goes unridden at Maroubra Beach

World War 2 bunkers

To the south is the Malabar Headland National Park, which is a great place to spend a couple of hours walking along the clifftops and checking out old World War 2 bunkers. And if all that’s not enough, there’s an excellent enclosed children’s playground in the middle of the beach, bbq and shower/toilet facilities, plus a large range of café and kiosk options in nearby McKeon Street. Oh, and how did I forget the pub?! You can’t have a beach without a pub, and luckily there's one just across the road from the beach that’s popular with locals and visitors. There’s not much night life in Maroubra and limited accommodation options, but it’s a great place to visit for the day for the entire family.

The southern corner of Maroubra Beach
Southern end of Maroubra Beach

Looking north along Maroubra BeachLooking north along Maroubra Beach

Maroubra Beach, looking south from the northern end
Northern end of Maroubra Beach

Maroubra Beach rock ledge sign
Many rock fisherman are swept off Maroubra rock ledges each year, take care

Getting to Maroubra Beach

Maroubra Beach is only a 30 minute bus ride from Sydney’s CBD. You can get the 376 or 377 bus directly to the beach, and buses operate 7 days a week (coming every 15 mins or so). There’s no trains to the beach, which is a good thing as it helps keeps the numbers down. If you’re driving simply follow Maroubra Road until you get to Marine Parade, and try to find a park in one of many car parks right along the beach, or in one of the back streets.

Map of Maroubra Beach


What is the next beach north from Maroubra Beach?

Coogee Beach is the next beach north from Maroubra Beach

What is the next beach south from Maroubra Beach?

Malabar Beach is the next beach south from Maroubra Beach

Current weather at Maroubra Beach


Thanks for reading

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Maroubra was my local surfing beach for around 10 years, and if you can manage to get a wave to yourself it's pretty decent, by far the most consistent in the eastern suburbs and a good spot to check in the summer months when swell and winds aren't so favourable.

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